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At Global Fire and Security we believe that each clients needs are different, this stems from the business they run, to the building that they run their business from. We have the knowledge and experience to guide our client’s through what can sometimes be a minefield if you do not have the correct CCTV systems in place in the correct areas.

We are recognised within our profession as accredited installers for the world’s top CCTV products.

Not alone can we provide and install your business with the correct CCTV products, we will provide you with a turnkey plan of action to make sure you have the right product in the right place, every time.

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At Global Fire & Security we know that each part of your business is important from the people you employ, to your business premises, to the products and the data held within your premises.  Protecting you business from fire is both paramount to the survival of a business and it is a legal requirement.

We have years of experience in this area therefore we can carry out a full onsite survey and put a proposal together on your behalf that will meet all of your requirements. Our proposal will outline the many areas that are required by law to be covered, such as smoke detector points, heat detector points, vesda air sampling points, sounder points, communication and control points.

Talk to one of our professional consultants today, protect your business future and meet your legal requirements


Global Fire & Security believe that each clients need to protect the access of the general public or indeed their staff from certain parts of their building. The reasons vary from client to client, some businesses want to protect their staff from areas that they are not trained to be in. Other clients want to protect sensitive information or products, other clients will have a mixture of reasons for controlled access within their business.

At Global Fire & Security we take the time to listen to each of our clients concerns and again we have the knowledge of what the government legislation is for each business. We will visit you onsite survey your business and put a proposal together for you listing solutions for the areas concern you and that meet with government requirements.

We can provide you with one or multiple products that will be your solution from swipe or prox cards, key fobs, turnstiles or biometric devices. All of the above products will give you the client full control over access to every area of your business. In turn Global Fire & Security will provide your business with comprehensive security, administration, reporting and accountability functions.

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With security becoming ever more present in public day to day lives, we at Global Fire & Security have seen an increase in the installation of X-Ray & Metal Detectors in Corporate, Government, Private and public buildings.

Global Fire & Security have worked and currently work with well known organizations to ensure that every aspect of their business is protected, this includes X-ray & Metal Detector Machines. In an ever changing world protection is becoming more of a necessity. We have vast knowledge of the products in both areas from permanent placement machines to portable options that are available. We will guide you through the options and recommend the best products for your business. Our team will recommend the products, install the products and we can then maintain the products for you through our maintenance division.

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Global Fire & Security are very proud to be able to offer their clients consultancy advice from the very inception of a project (the planning and build) to completion and following on with the maintenance of the fire & security systems we install into your business.

Our profession consultant will work along side you and therefore enabling your business to have the very best professional advice from the start of your project to the continued maintenance of the products you choose to use.

Our consultants will take the lead under their client’s instruction on the design, the Project Management of the install and put together a format best suited to the maintenance. We will work with you to build a relationship that will grow with your business needs. Our consultants have the expertise to work with a client from the very beginning with signal source to the overall requirements by installing the very latest optical fibre transmission techniques. We will work with our client’s on timeframes that will be set to everyone parties satisfaction.

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